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Silly Cold Island song

BBB announced a song contest on December 15th 2014. During this contest, Facebook users had to create new lyrics to an existing song. They could be as creative as they like as long as it was relevant to My Singing Monsters.

The contestant with the best song won 200 Diamond25px and a Yool. There were runners-up prizes too. The Grand Prize winner's lyrics would be formatted as an in-game announcement, and the MSM developers had compiled all of the entries in a Facebook album. The contest ended on December 23rd, and the Grand Prize winner would get their prize, and the runners-up would get a 50 Diamond25px reward, on the very next day.

The contest rules were:

  1. Submit the lyrics to your song as a Wall post on our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of your lyrics and post it as a photo.
  2. Include the title of the original song that inspired yours (in case you're too clever for us and we can't figure it out on our own).
  3. Include your BBB ID (Friend Code) in your post.
  4. One (1) entry per user.
  5. No inappropriate content.
  6. Get creative and have fun!

The winner was Allegra May Scott. On the link here, Allegra had created a video based upon the song "Walking on a Christmas Wonderland". She had also added words to her video. 

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