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• 6/28/2018

Celestial Elements.

My theory is that each celestial is either a natural, ethereal, or a supernatural element in MSM. I've categorized them-

Hornacle- Water (Toe jammer)
Furnoss- Fire (Kanya)
Glaishur- Ice (Mammot)
Blasoom- Nature (Potbelly)
Syncopite- Crystal (Jeeode)
Vhamp- Mech (Reebro)
Galvana- Electric (Wubbox/Wublins)
Scaratar- Posion (Humbug)
Loodvigg- Shadow (Grumpyre)
Torrt- Earth (Noggin)
Plixie- Plasma (Ghazt)
Attmoz- Air (Tweedle)

I read their descriptions and assumed each one of their elements.
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• 7/2/2018
Awesome work buddy
• 7/7/2018
because it is and bowgart and bellowfish isnt oaktapus oaktopus is pottbbelly and toe jammmer
• 7/7/2018
im cman999 brother he told me that
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