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Daddy boi 69
• 6/25/2018

Tribe Request

If you are looking for a tribe to join, you have just found one. It is called Mullett Kingdom. You can join it of you want. There are just 2 rules.
1. Your monster cannot be a duplicate. I want every monster on my island to be unique so I can hear all their voices and sounds.
2. You must feed your monster to at least lv. 5 each week.
That is all of the rules. If you want to join my tribe that's great. My friend code is 72783338CG so you can add me and request to join my tribe if you want. I hope a lot of people join my tribe. If you decide to join thank you. I will try my best to feed my monster as much as I can. That's a promise.
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Daddy boi 69
• 6/27/2018
What's your in-game name?
• 7/3/2018
I’m recruiting people right now 1327877JN is my code and tribe name is SiblingStatic20+
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