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• 6/18/2018

85+ Feeders, Join Our Tribe!

Hello Everyone!

Our 2200+ level tribe Pushkin-Kukushkin is currently accepting new members.
Please read this carefully before requesting to join:
1) Add the type of monster not yet represented;
2) Feed your monster LEVEL 85 OR MORE, otherwise you may be removed;
3) Out of level 85+ please feed your monster as much as possible on Monday/day one;
4) Show ID (friend code) in your user name so other tribe members could add you.
5) The feeding requirement may be raised by one level every 2-3 weeks.

To join please add me first 27047365FB (Adoros), then request to join our tribe.

Have fun and see you!
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• 6/21/2018
Added you. Waiting for invite...
• 6/27/2018
• 6/27/2018
Corbin43773749NN I signed up to be in your tribe. waiting for you to add me
• 6/28/2018
Hello, Corbin! There’s a 85+ level feeding requirement. Being level 23 yourself and with a yet empty Etherial Island how do you plan to fulfil it?
• 7/16/2018
We still have 5 spots.
• 7/19/2018
Currently 2 spots left.
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